We assist individuals and small businesses across a range of industries. 

Case Study-Helping a retail business expand

We helped a souvenir retailer that was expanding into a different state comply with the additional state tax laws as well as set up a legal structure that will help raise capital as they continue expanding and be tax effective.  Learn more about what we offer to retail businesses.  


Case Study-Helping a dental practice start up

We helped a dentist to start his own dental practice.  We assisted with setting up an accounting system to keep track of his income and expenses.  We linked his bank account to his accounting system to reduce the need for manual entries.  We also set him up with our cost effective payroll solution, which allows him to manage payroll on his own.  We understand that entrepreneurs want to keep costs low during the start up phase and we have the solutions!  Learn more about the solutions we offer to medical and dental practices.